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Vegan rum truffles recipe

Vegan rum truffles
I realise there's a fundamental problem with this recipe - it's based on leftover cake, which means there's an assumption that you'd have a cake and then think 'well, I don't fancy the rest of this tasty sponge, whatever can I do with it?' l. Yes, it's an unlikely scenario, but bear with me.

A friend of mine gave me a box of vanilla cake mix, the results of which tasted like what aliens might create if they'd never tried cake before and tried to make it from a description in an encyclopedia. Or something. Anyway, what do you with leftover cake that's a bit meh? That's right: soak it in booze and wrap it in chocolate. It's a winner.

Vegan rum truffles - makes about 15 truffles
Handful of raisins (about half an oz or so)
50cl of rum
5oz of sponge cake crumbled into crumbs
half an oz of cocoa powder or vegan drinking chocolate
3 or 4oz or so of vegan chocolate

How you do it
Marinate the raisins in the rum for a while, ideally overnight.
The next day, when the raisins are full of rum, strain them (reserve the rum - you'll need it later) and chop into small pieces - as small as you can be bothered with.
Add the cake crumbs and cocoa/drinking chocolate powder to the chopped raisins and mix thoroughly.
Next add the rum. Do it little by little - you may find if your cake is moister or not as moist as the one I used, you may not need all the rum or you may even need a little more. The bonus of using a fairly moist cake is you'll end up with a spare bit of rum. If that happens, swig the remainder.
Back to the cake - add the rum little by little, stirring after each addition. What you want is a fairly moist mixture that will cohere into a solid mass when you roll it into balls. Just take a piece - you're aiming for something about the size of a walnut - and roll it between your hands until you've got a nice round ball. Set aside for now.
Next prepare a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and rub with a tiny bit of flavourless oil like sweet almond oil.
In a bain marie, melt the vegan chocolate (in this case Montezuma dark chocolate). Once melted, take one ball of a cake at a time and roll it around in the melted chocolate using a teaspoon. Once the truffle is well covered, fish it out with your teaspoon and put it on the lined baking tray.
Leave until the chocolate is cooled and set.
Make a cup of tea. Eat a truffle. Have another. Maybe then have a third or fourth. Feel a bit guilty. Have one more. Drink tea.

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