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Pulse and pepper sesame salad

This recipe comes courtesy of my boyfriend, who has the dubious honour of being the guinea pig for any new recipe I'm working on.

I've been messing around for a few days in an attempt to create a recipe for this blog. My first attempt was a mango and asparagus salad. Turns out that just picking two things that are on cheap at Sainsburys and then putting them together does not a great side dish make. Who knew?

Then I fannied about with cooking rice with a mint tea bag in the water, and then mixing it with some pistachios and other bits and bats. Not bad, but the culinary equivalent of the 1980s - you have to work a bit hard to find some taste.

So I fell back on posting this recipe from Mr Flicking the Vs - beans, peppers and a sesame dressing.

Pulse and pepper sesame salad
Makes enough for four to six as a side salad


Three peppers
Three cans of pulses, drained (chick peas, mixed pulses, cannellini beans or aduki beans are all good)
Half a bunch of spring onions, white parts cut into thin rounds
Three dessertspoons of soy sauce
Two dessertspoons of rice vinegar
Two dessertspoons of mirin
Two dessertspoons of sesame oil
Grating of ginger

How you do it

Cut the pepper into quarters length ways, so you have four long strips of pepper.

Put them under a hot grill until they blacken and blister, then leave them to cool.

Once they're cold, take off the blacken skins and chop into thin strips.

Mix the pulses, peppers and spring onions together.

Mix the liquid ingredients together then pour over the pulse mixture. Finely grate on fresh ginger to taste.

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