Creamy mustard tofu pie

It may look a bit anemic in this photo, but trust me, this pie is a good 'un - especially with autumn leering at you.

Put on an extra pair of socks, bit of Doctor Who on the telly and dig in.

Creamy mustart tofu pie


About a pound of potatoes
Cauldron marinated tofu pieces
Half a block of smoked tofu, cut into small pieces
Two small carrots, cut into small pieces and lightly steamed
Three ounces of green beans, chopped into 2cm lengths, light steamed
An ounce or so of green peas
Corn kernels from one corn on the cob, lightly steamed
300mls of vegan white sauce
Teaspoon of garlic powder
Teaspoon of onion powder
Couple of shakes of vegan worcestershire sauce
Two teaspoons of mustard
Large heaped dessertspoon of nutritional yeast

How you do it

Make mash out of the pound of potatoes the way you normally would. I add in some olive oil, soy milk, nutritional yeast, brewers yeast, salt and pepper, but you do whatever you like with it. I won't mind.

Put the mash to one side - we'll come back to it later.

Put your marinated peas, tofu pieces and steamed corn, beans and carrots (you want them about half cooked as the oven will do the rest) into a small ovenproof dish.

Make your vegan white sauce however you want. I add a couple of dessertspoons of oil into a pan, warm it up, and add a similar amount of flour and cook for a minute or so. Add around 300mls of soy milk a splash at a time, mixing in between until you have a white sauce, but if you have another method you're comfortable with, do that instead.

Add in the garlic and onion powders, mustard, worcestershire sauce and nutritional yeast and stir til completely mixed.

Stir the sauce into the veggies and tofu, then slather all the mashed spuds on top.

Stick in the oven at 180 for about half an hour and then eat, with green veg if you want, or just with a big old spoon if you like.

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