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Lemon and parsley potato salad

I'm just back from a few days in Paris, a city I'm fonder of than a dog is of its genitals.

But for all its wonders, you could never call Paris a vegetarian or vegan friendly city. While I was there, I headed over one of the handful of veg*n restaurants, Le Grenier de Notre Dame, for a bit of a blowout on my last night there.

My joy of dining in a restaurant that catered to the dietary quirks of my boyfriend and I was somewhat tempered by the underwhelming food - it reminded me a little of how veg*n food was in the early nineties before supermarkets and restaurants realised that flavouring was in and culinary self-flagellation was out.

That said, the main course I enjoyed was accompanied by the most delicious potatoes I've had for a while. In honour of their tuber greatness, here's a spud recipe of my own.

Lemon and parsley potato salad


250 - 300g of new potatoes
The juice and zest of about half a lemon
Half teaspoon of garlic powder
Half teaspoon of onion powder
Shake or two of celery salt
Handful of chopped parsley
Half teaspoon of brewers yeast
Scant teaspoon of nutritional yeast
Scant teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
Vegan mayonnaise to taste (I used two incredibly generous heaped teaspoons)

How you do it

It's pretty simple this one, as recipes go - halve the larger new potatoes and boil until tender.


Add all the ingredients bar the mayonnaise to the drained spuds whilst they're still hot.

Once the mixture has cooled, stir in your mayonnaise. My suggested amount for mayonnaise - and the vinegar for that matter - are a guide, rather than a hardcore rule. Adjust them to your taste.

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