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Prague's delicious raw cake

There are lots of things to like about Prague, and this is one of them: a little place called MyRaw Cafe.

MyRaw Cafe is, as you'd guess from the name, is a cafe that serves raw foods - among them some of the best raw cake that I've ever put in my mouth. Seriously, it was that good. 

It's a small, friendly place, tucked inside a tiny shopping center not far from the middle of Prague. There are seats if you want to sit down and enjoy your coffee, or they can box up your treats to go. Either way, don't make a visit to Prague without stopping in.

Our first visit, we picked up this coffee tart and mocha slice:

The mocha slice was great, but the coffee tart with the smoothest, softest, moussiest cake I've ever eaten - it was like falling into a lovely heap of coffee clouds. The cakes were fairly expensive by Prague standards, but for $3.50 I definitely still think I picked up a bargain.

I went back a couple of days later. They have lots of interesting savoury dishes like quiche, but also  picked up another piece of the coffee cake (it was just as good second time around) and some milky way slice. 

I took the train to Vienna with these in my bag. Sadly, they didn't survive the extreme heat that day and melted a bit - but I did enjoy some amazing best coffee and milky way mousse that day!

I also saw a couple of places selling the to-go raw desserts below - handy! Wherever you go in Prague, you needn't be too far away from some great raw cake, but just make sure you stop by MyRaw Cafe.

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  1. Wow. I would travel a long way for these desserts! Luckily the idea of a trip to Prague is appealing anyway but I'll definitely be visiting My Raw Cafe if we get there!


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