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Vegan in Copenhagen: Kalaset restaurant review

Here's my second bulletin from Denmark, after a recent trip to the Danish capital.

Kalaset is a cosy, friendly, neighbourhood-cafe-type place near Copenhagen's Nørreport metro stop.

One of the things that makes it cosy - at least in the annexe we were sat in - was the fact they turned the lights down low. Low as in, only-bats-can-see-in-this-gloom low.

So, I'd like to apologise in advance for the *ahem* slightly less than optimal picture of what we ate at Kalaset.

Deep breath - here it is:

Not that you can see it, but that's a chunky vegan burger and lovely sesame seed topped new potatoes in there.

Kalaset isn't vegan, or even veggie, but it does do dishes that are both. As well as the burger, there was a pasta dish that was vegan and, if you turn up at the right time, vegan brunch too. Not a million options, I grant you, but about a million percent more than most Danish restaurants will give you.

But back to the burger (you may need to use your imagination here, as the photo's not really going to help you out). The burger came with roasted veggies, spinach, lovely tahini sauce and a bun big enough to grab yourself an oar and use it as a raft, all accompanied by those top-notch spuds.

Alas, there's no English menu to point you to online (or indeed any menu to point you to online), but don't worry - they can supply you with one when you turn up.

If you're there, get the brunch - it looks phenomenal. And, you know, maybe go in daylight if you want to take a picture of it!

16 Vendersgade

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  1. Nighttime pictures are always so tricky! Copenhagen is definitely on my list of places I want to visit someday. Good to know there are vegan options!

  2. Basically what I see is a crap ton of spinach, ha ha! But from what I can make out of the potatoes, they look glorious - they're those little ones, right? And even with limited options, I would happily chow on a veggie burger...sure beats endless salads!

  3. I completely trust your description of the burger, it sounds really good!

  4. I hate it when I can't get a picture in a restaurant because the lighting's too low. Even if it does make it romantic/atmospheric... I always prioritise picture taking! :P It's great the restaurant does vegan brunch, too!

  5. I personally like to frequent [and not raise a stink at] non-vegan restaurants because it shows them the earning potential of serving veg dishes. And as for your [photos, well we just get a nice sense of how ambient it was. I've never been to Denmark...have to get there!


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