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Vegan in Plovdiv: Two places to get a good vegan feed in Bulgaria's second city

After our recent trip to the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, we visited the country's second largest city, Plovdiv.

After being surprised about how much I ended up enjoying Sofia -- after a shaky start the city grew on me on a way I never expected -- but for me, Plovdiv was the opposite. The city has a beautiful medieval heart studded with amazingly preserved buildings, as well as a hipster heart for all your graffiti spotting and craft beer needs. I thought I'd love it, but for me it wasn't a patch on Sofia.

For one, the vegan food options in Plovdiv weren't a patch on those in Sofia. In Sofia, we were spoiled -- we had so many vegan restaurants and so little time! In Plovdiv, there wasn't a single vegan-only place.

But fear not -- vegans won't starve in Plovdiv. There are a few veggie places and they do serve vegan options, and one almost-vegan-apart-from-the-honey option, called Veggic.

We decided to hit up Veggic for our tea. It's in Kapana, the lively, grungy part of the city and a fine spot to grab an outside table and watch the world go by. The food at Veggic isn't going to win any prizes for gourmet cuisine, but it's cheap, filling and there's bound to be something you want to eat.

After a starter of hummus with enough bread to fill us both up, we picked up a couple of chilli bean wraps with potato salad. They looked like this:

We also managed a slice of raw cake for dessert and a few beers, and a pleasant couple of hours watching the sun set. The food, prices, and service all make Veggic a solid vegan-friendly option in a town that's not exactly full of them.

One non-vegan but vegan-friendly place you should definitely check out is Savini. It's a gelato place with a good range of flavours many of which are vegan, and the staff are very clued up on which are which. They also do plant based milk if you need a coffee too.

Here's a couple of flavours I got to try: dark chocolate and (I think!) plantain, all vegan to boot:

Just the thing for to cool down a vegan on a hot day! It's not the easiest place to find, but I heartily recommend checking it out if you're in the city.

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