London in multicoloured vegan food

Hooray for multicoloured MoFo promt! That means I can happily show you a load of photos that I've had on my phone without being able to make a coherent post out of them. Unless I guess you consider the theme 'stuff I have put in my face in London which I mostly enjoyed'.

First up, a happy return to CookDaily in Shoreditch. CookDaily is a small place that turns out reasonably priced truly delicious and original all-vegan food, but it's one that I don't get to often because Mr Flicking the Vs hates Box Park, where CookDaily is, because of the heavy handed and rude security they have at night. I don't blame him for not wanting to go back, but I can't blame Cook Daily for Box Park's moody security.

Here's the loveliness I enjoyed the last time I was there. Note that it must have been a while back, because I was able to sit outside and eat my lunch. Autumn's arrival has largely put paid to such antics. Fall, I do love you, but I'm missing my al fresco scran.

Another meal I was able to enjoy on Box Park's outdoor seating was a slice of Queen Vegan from Voodoo Ray. I spanked £4 or so on a slice, which was large and definitely worth the cost, and a frozen margarita, which £6.50 or so, and was neither.

I think this may have actually been the first time I've been to Voodoo Ray's despite having seen people talking up its vegan options. They always have Queen Vegan on the menu in Shoreditch branch, as well as its other outlets in Camden and Dalston.

It was a pretty nice slice -- I like that there's some interesting veggies on there - but I wouldn't have minded a bit of vegan cheese on there for good measure, or something else for a bit of added moisture.

Another new discovery -- for me at least -- was a place called Mad Rolls, one of a cluster of stalls that sell food around Goodge Street station off Tottenham Court Road on week days. I was walking past when I saw a sign offering 'vegetarian and vegan sushi': 'you're playing my song!' I thought, and stopped off. 

Not everything was vegan, and I'm not sure it was even veggie, but there were a couple of plant-based options. These rolls were some of them, so I was told - panko encrusted with red rice and veggies. It was a bit claggy, alas, but a nice idea. The stall was massively busy so I must have caught them on an off day. I was also told that they have vegan tempura mushroom bao, so I'll have to go back and check those out too.

After eating at two new places, I got visit an old favourite: Tibits. I love Tibits, queen of London's vegan-friendly buffet joints. I love that they always manage to add new dishes to the huge selection of wonders on their food boat.

Case in point: that potato salad. It was so smooth and creamy, it was something akin to chowing down on a lovely friendly chivy cloud. I also availed myself of heroic quantities of dehydrated green bean salad, which I love mainly because it sounds like such an unlikely treat. 'Dehydrated green beans? No, come on, really? You can make a cracking salad out of that? Well, I never...'

Another return visit to round off this post: this time to Peanut Butter Bakery in Shoreditch's Boiler House (I've blogged about all the good things you can eat at the Boiler House here). As well as some brownies, the Peanut Butter Bakery was knocking out their usual cracking donuts. 

I couldn't resist picking this one up, mainly because it has sprinkles on it. SPRINKLES! The soft and fluffy inside was almost as impressive as the cheery outside. I could have tucked it under my head and used it as a pillow. For multicoloured day on MoFo, I'll leave you with an equally multicoloured donut.


  1. Yes we love autumn, but still clinging on dearly to al fresco eating. Marvellous colours in the dishes that you've tucked into and the doughnut is the best way to finish off. Sweet!

  2. Hahah I have a whole bunch of photos on my phone I haven't posted too! The pizza looks so delicious and I'm ALWAYS up for a donut with sprinkles. Yum!

  3. This food looks amazing and is making me hungry- and I just ate dinner! This was a great idea to post all of those food photos we take with our phones. I sometimes take more photos of my food than my kid. ha!

  4. Nice assortment of vegan food, I wouldn't mind a donut with sprinkles right about now. :-)

  5. Your selections certainly lived up to the theme of 'colorful.' They look delicious, too. I'm especially attracted to the first one, but they all look good.

  6. Good times eating out in London indeed - am swayed by dehydrated green bean salad and doughnuts you could use as pillows, and I really want that plate of salads

  7. Never had sushi before but panko crusted rolls sound like pretty nice idea! And that pizza loos delish! Never mind the lack of cheese if the sauce its good though ;)


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