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Two new vegan London finds: Home and Mydetoxdiet

In between sweating over exam prep, I occasionally get to leave the house. Like a mole popping up into the light, I stagger from the university library into the cold London air in search of vegan sustenance.

I've managed to get a couple of good meals in, including one Home in Shoreditch. Home is the second place by the guys behind Cook Daily in Box Park, and it's just as good as the original. While Cook Daily is all about big bowls of goodness from around the world, while Home is purely Thai and Laotian food. 

Happily, Home is great. Like Cook Daily, you can choose a dish and then customise a bit - make it just with veggies, tofu puffs, vegan chickn, and then opt for rice or noodles. Mr Flicking the Vs got some 3S - that's short for 'spicy sweet and sour', apparently - with little spring rolls in it! How good is that? I always need a side order of spring rolls with my meal, so I was delighted that I just got to steal them out of Mr FtVs dinner.

I wasn't feeling overly imaginative and went for the pad thai - lots of tofu, veggies, and the obligatory lime and crushed peanuts. I cleaned it all up, despite that the fact that the bowl was bigger than my head.

I loved mine, I loved nicking Mr FtVs spring rolls, and I'd happily go back for a beer and a big plate of Thai loveliness any time you like. The worst thing about the place is its proximity to Cook Daily - its not often you get two great vegan places within spitting distance of each other, and now you have to choose between twice as many amazing bowls of joy. While I'd still probably choose Cook Daily over Home, but now I'll have to spend even more time in Boxpark trying to work out what to have.

The other place I got to stick my neck in was Mydetoxdiet, a little shop-cafe in Greenwich.

As a side note, Greenwich is turning into a real vegan hotspot - not only are there the long-time standard bearers like Rubys of London, but every time I pass by the Greenwich market or the stalls down by the Cutty Sark, there appear to be a new vegan stall popping up serving snacks, desserts, or lunch. More please!

Anyway, back to Mydetoxdiet. It's not large, so if you pop in, there's mainly cake and juices on sale, with some savoury food if you're looking for something more in the way of a full meal. While there was a £5.50 deal for a big bottle of juice and cake, I just stuck to the cake - I guess I like my cake without any added vitamins!

There's a choice of sugar-free, gluten free and vegan cakes, and me and Mr FtVs took a brownie and a slice of caramel cake home with us. I remember that they were hearty portion sizes (this is a major plus point in my book - big portions mean you can cut them in two, freeze half and enjoy your treat twice over!) and both were just the sort of cake you'd settle down on your comfiest sofa, with your biggest cup of tea, and enjoy yourself with.

Boxpark Shoreditch
2-10 Bethnal Green Rd,
London E1 6GY
020 7033 2899

0208 305 9113
20 College Approach
London SE10 9HY

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  1. How convenient to have so many more vegan options, that's always a good thing. :-) Home looks great, especially the customizing - seems like all sorts of restaurants are doing that nowadays.

  2. That brownie looks great and I love the sound of the bowl with spring rolls from Home.

  3. It's been way too long since I've been to Greenwich, and I miss Ruby's cakes. If I could get over the name of mydetoxdiet I'd also love their products (which is worth getting over the name for). Home Pad Thai looks amazing too!

  4. What a genius idea; naming a restaurant Home is brilliant! The pad Thai looks delicious, and I agree that a good spring roll in hand is requisite!

  5. mydetoxdiet is kind of a weird name for a place - i would never expect to find cake in there, but I'm glad you got some! Both treats look great.
    And yea, Thai food is always best with a cold beer.

  6. What great finds! I love spring rolls too, that is a great idea to have them in the meal! I've just found out about a Cambodian restaurant near us that doubles as a second hand record and book shop and has vegan food so that's on my list to visit next.

  7. Great finds! I didn't realise the Cook Daily guys had opened another branch.

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