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A meal entirely composed of vegan desserts. And no, it's not a dream.

I have more than once said I really like The Moveable Feast, a cafe in London that houses a regularly-changing roster of veg*n food sellers.

I've been there a few times, and I've never been badly fed on any of them. I enjoyed Club Mexicana's jackfruit tacos there, guzzled Pomodoro e Basilico's ravioli, and dined happily on a huge slab of vegan chocolate cake.

I have bad news for you - it's closed! Sadly, A Moveable Feast was only a temporary resident of London Bridge, and now it's time is up. It's a real loss for the area (and the veggies and vegans in the area), and I hope it eventually finds a new home somewhere else in the capital.

Before it shut up shop, The Moveable Feast went out with a bang, with an amazing night of vegan desserts. (You know it's going to be good from those last two words, right?)

Last month, A Moveable Feast - normally only open at lunchtime - staying open later to turn out platters of sweet vegan treats.

For each plate, there were three desserts - one berry, one lemon, one chocolate. Three tasty desserts = one happy Joey.

When we sat down to get stuck into all our desserts, we were told that the place only had a BYOB licence, and Mr FtVs immediately volunteered to get the drinks in. We couldn't work out what drinks actually go with a plate of puddings (I'm still not sure there actually is one, but tell me I'm wrong), so we ended up drinking coffee instead. There was so much indulgence on the one plate, I guess you don't really need booze.

Onto the desserts:

I started my three course meal (!) with the berry cheesecake. It was a very grown up version - sharp berries, and a soft, pillowy, just-faintly-sweet underneath. Was it tofu or nut-based? Intriguingly, I couldn't tell you what it was made of, but I can tell you it was delicious. The hazelnut praline was also fairly wondrous - a mature offshoot of the Ferrero Rocher genus.

The chocolate cake with the raspberry middle was always going to be a winner -  it came with its own puddle of chocolate sauce and a hidden raspberry middle. Oh, and if that wasn't grand enough, there was chocolate ganache on the top. When it came to this chocolatey dessert, more was definitely more. Swoon. It was described as a cupcake, but it was a bit of misnomer - usually cupcakes are buried under a mountain of sugary icing. This was anything but - dark, rich, slightly bitter, and definitely intense.

We were advised to eat the lemon posset after the other two, as it was a bit of strong flavour. It really wasn't really, but it was delicious nonetheless. I'm not a huge fan of lemon and chocolate together, so I saved the chocolate cup it came in and nibbled on it happily.

This particular feast at The Moveable Feast was made by Guloo (@Proofsplace on Twitter) a self-described experimental vegetarian chef, and this was his first London event. I hope we'll definitely be seeing more of his vegan experimenting before too long.

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  1. I am not a lemon posset fan but strangely enough the book we have just been reading to sylvia stars lemon possets (they are the yardstick of a good person) - but I think the cheesecake and chocolate cake sounds wonderful - and I am sad a cafe with good food and a fun name has closed but hopefully they have got good experience to go on and do more

  2. Looks like a very good feast indeed! I always see people making lemon posset on Come Dine With Me...cool to see a vegan version!

  3. Aw, I hope this very talented pastry chef continues to make vegan goodies and that you get to eat them!

  4. Oh, how fantastic. What a shame they are shut but what a great way to go out!

  5. WHAT? OMG! Everything looks amazing!!!!!! I totally want some...of each! LOL

  6. That is my kind of meal! The chocolate cake sounds wonderful, I like my desserts decadent.

  7. Oh what a shame that they have had to close, hope they will come back with a bang. By the way, I wouldn't know where to start with the desserts, but I know I would enjoy them all

  8. What a shame they closed!!
    The desserts looked so amazing! Surely the place will have to re-open, they must have been in demand!
    Thanks for sharing
    Food Wine Fit 40

  9. Bummer on the closure. With such delicious looking desserts, I'm sure the chef will pop up somewhere soon. Who wouldn't want a meal composed of nothing but vegan desserts? :-)


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