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Experiments with chanterelle vodka

As one of my recent MoFo experiments, I cooked with girolles - little golden mushrooms also known as chanterelles.

When I was having a google around to work out what to do with the girolles, I came across a suggestion of using them to flavour vodka. Another of my MoFo experiments involved vodka. 'Holy moly - that's food serendipity right there!', I thought, and quickly combined the two, leaving them to sit for as long as it took to turn the vodka a dainty beige.

Here's what it turned out like. You reckon it looks like a science experiment involving formaldehyde? I'm with you there, buddy.

Still, I'm very much of the belief that you never leave alcohol behind if you've paid for it, so I turned it into a chanterelle Bloody Mary.

MoFo taught me I really like chanterelles, and I like cooking with vodka. It also taught me that two rights can in fact make a wrong - as it did spectacularly here.

Jeez, but this was grim.

Turns out if you're making chanterelle vodka, you need to buy a decent vodka, not the paintstripper crap that's on special offer at Tesco. I tell you this, dear reader, from bitter experience, having wasted both a quarter-pint of cooking vodka and a handful of chanterelles in concocting something that appears to have taken the best elements of both and stamped all over them like a toddler after too much tartrazine.

Still, never leave a drink behind right? I'm off to Google 'recipes using godawful chanterelle vodka'. Wish me luck.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I LOVE this post--not because your experiment went awry but because you had the cojones to be honest about it. So much of the blogosphere is a fantasyland where bread always rises, cookies always bake to golden-brown perfection and food is always perfectly plated. This is reality--goofs happen. I so appreciate your doing this!

    Confession from Philly: I am trying to veganize Twinkies and my first attempt the cake landed in the trash last nite.

  3. Mushroom...vodka?! Um...I'd probably have to pass on that one. :) But I'm weird about savory-ish drinks (don't even really like bloody mary's) so yeah. I think I'd pass on it even if Grey Goose vodka was used! Too bad it was a fail, though.

  4. D'oh! It looked like I double posted, and so I deleted one of my comments. Ends up I didn't double post, and I just deleted my comments altogether. Anyway, sorry the vodka didn't work out, but thanks for the amusing story!!

  5. Sometimes the worst mistakes make the funniest posts! Sorry about your loss, but the fact that you tried to make mushroom vodka ... what can I say? I'm not 100% convinced that if you used expensive vodka the results would be better, but hey, that's what experimenting is all about. Maybe you can make some spaghetti sauce with it. :D Keep us posted.

  6. Your posts are always fun to read and bring a smile to my face! I'm sorry that this bold and expensive experiment didn't work out for you, hopefully you'll have better luck playing around next time.

  7. What I'm most impressed with is that anyone thinks mushroom flavoured vodka would be a good thing ;) I love mushies, but don't want them in a cocktail. Maybe you could use it up in a savoury dish... I've seen recipes around for vodka-spiked pasta sauce. Maybe you could make mushroom flavoured vodka tomato sauce?

  8. Well it was an adventurous thing to make so I give you credit for trying at least. I hope you do find a recipe using godawful chanterelle vodka - ha ha. (I love the word "godawful.") Theresa's idea of tomato sauce sounds like it might be good.

  9. A+ for effort... and an entertaining post? Either way I've got an award for you over at my blog
    Feel free to play along or ignore it if you want!
    Love & smiles xxx

  10. Shame the bloody mary didn't save it! Maybe some Penne alla vodka is worth a try?


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