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A tale of two cakes

I mentioned last week a visit to Brighton, and to a sushi restaurant there that was meant to be vegan-friendly. I tried their food, and didn't think it was a gesture of friendship by any measure.

Still what better way to cheer myself up after a disappointing dinner than a big slice of cake. And I mean big. So-big-it-deservces-its-own-postcode big. BIIIIIIIG.

Step forward Lydea, a veggie buffet in Brighton's Laines. Check out this bad boy:

It totally wiped out any memories of the sushi, and replaced it with a big, cake-crumbed smiled.

It was rich, and heavy, and delicious. It had fresh raspberries tempered with fluro icing - so cute! It could have realistically been dessert one day and breakfast the next, that's how big it was. Of course, it didn't last that long. I smuggled it off to a nearby park and quietly troughed it, happy as Larry.

My other Brighton cake experiment was a slice of raw Key Lime pie from Infinity Foods, a whole foods store, also in the Laines.

After the behemoth of cake from Lydea, Infinity Foods' pie did make it to breakfast. And a pleasant breakfast it was, but it just didn't hold a candle to the almond raspberry joy above.

Here's all the details for my cake experiment, below. Infinity Food was fine. Lydea? You'll be telling the grandkids about this one.

17 Kensington Gardens
North Laine
East Sussex
01273 667 992

Infinity Foods 
25 North Road
East Sussex
01273 603563

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  1. When I saw the title, I thought there was going to be a lemon poppy seed cake involved! These ones both look lovely, coincidentally I made a key lime tart last weekend.

    I've given you an award over at my blog, check it out when you have the time! :)


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