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VeganMoFo: Vegan churros - are there any finer words in the English language?

This post is part of the Vegan Month of Food - or VeganMoFo to you and me. To learn more about VeganMoFo, click here.

(Oh alright, in the English and Spanish languages, you pedants.)

You like sweet things, you say? You like sweet things that have been deep fried even more, you say?  You like sweet things, deep fried and dosed in cinnamon the best?  

Brace yourselves, vegans of London or visiting the capital, for I bring good news.

When your sweet tooth next starts calling, get yourself down to the Real Food Market on Southbank. There, tucked away in one corner, is Garcia Churros.

The nice people at Garcia Churros will swap you four English pounds for a cupful of churros, fried in a massive pan in front of you.

They might look a bit like this:

And they'll be all vegan friendly too, if you sack off the chocolate they also serve with them. Look:

And they're lovely.  Crisp, sweet, not-greasy, and the perfect antidote to the cold weather that swallowed up the capital of late. 

Go on, treat yourself.

Real Food Market
Southbank Centre
Belvedere Road 

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  1. Oh wow! I love churros but have only had them in Spain before I was vegan. Must remember to check these out next time I'm in London. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are a lucky duck! They look so, so good. I keep meaning to make the churros from Viva Vegan! but I haven't yet.

  3. The vegan churros at Terre a Terre are also amazingly good and the Terre a Terre cookbook has the recipe. Must get off my arse and cook them!


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