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Downright-bad-for-you tarragon and courgette pasta

Sometimes the human body needs grease. Big, unreasonable, artery-hardening grease. It's as essential for an individual's nutritional - oh alright, mental - wellbeing as coffee, alcohol, cigars and zombie movies.

This is a shamelessly calorific recipe, and all the better for it. It's got a few vegetables in it as a sop to being good, but let's not dress it up, there's nuts and creamy cheesy stuff overbalancing it firmly back into the category of downright-bad-for-you.

Still, a gutload of this downright-bad-for-you recipe is just right to sort yourself out when you've had some general crapness occur. Cook a bit of this. Sometimes downright bad for you can be downright good for you. And if that fails, just go and have some wine. Booze - the cause of, and solution to, most of life's problems.

Serves three to four (or two greedy sods)

1oz pine nuts
6oz pasta
Two garlic cloves, sliced thinly
Handful of chopped tarragon
Two courgettes, cut in half lengthways and then chopped into half moons about the width of a pound coin
One dessertspoon dijon mustard
4oz sweetcorn
Half a tub of Tofutti cream cheese
200mls non-dairy milk
Juice from a quarter of a medium lemon
Handful of nutritional yeast
Salt and pepper

How you do it

Dry fry the pine nuts until lightly browned. Set aside.

Cook the pasta according to instructions.

While it's cooking, fry the garlic over a medium heat for a couple of minutes.

Then add the tarragon and cook for another minute and then add the courgettes.

Continue to cook over a high heat for until courgettes are soft but not soggy - another 10 minutes or so.

Stir in the mustard, sweetcorn, cream cheese, milk, lemon juice and mix until the result is a creamy sauce.

Stir in the pasta and warm through.

Add salt and pepper, top with pine nuts and serve.

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