Roasted new potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes with gomasio

It's been a busy few weeks - busy in a good way, I hasten to add - so all the cooking I've been doing has been aimed at the quick and dirty side of things.

This is a minimal effort recipe, but it's just the sort of thing that you can make to accompany a few sausages and some greens, and feel you've had a decent meal.

The recipe is made with gomasio - a mix of toasted sesame seeds and salt (made in a ratio of between 15:1 and 5:1, according to Wikipedia). Make it yourself, or if you're a lazy sod like me, pick up some from Japan Centre or another Japanese grocery shop.

On the Jerusalem artichoke side of things, I'm using the small, knobbly, almost purple skinned types, rather than the beigey ones that you find at supermarkets, although I'm guessing those would work well here too.

Roasted new potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes with gomasio
Makes a side for one


5 new potatoes
3 small Jerusalem artichokes
One dessertspoon of olive oil
Sprinking of gomasio

How you do it

Put the new potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes in a Pyrex dish with the oil, and mix well.

Roast in a 220C oven for about 40 minutes, or until the spuds and artichokes are beginning to turn brown on the skin, and the middles are soft.

Remove from oven, sprinkle with gomasio to taste - a few pinches should do it.

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