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Vedgeree - a vegan take on the old English kedgeree recipe

I love the idea of kedgeree - it all seems so unlikely. Victorians, not normally known for their multicultural acceptance, sitting down to Indian curried rice for breakfast.

I've never cooked it before - mainly due to the hard boiled eggs and smoked fish that feature in the dish - but last night, left with some leftover rice and a spare bit of smoked tofu, it just seemed that kedgeree was ripe to be veganised.

And it's just the thing for a mean hangover too.

Makes breakfast/small dinner for one

One large clove of garlic
Half teaspoon mustard seeds
Scant teaspoon curry powder
Generous half teaspoon tumeric
Five thin spears of asparagus
3oz rice, cooked weight
2oz smoked tofu
Wedge of lime
Pinch of celery salt

How you do it

Warm a dessertspoon or so of oil in a frying pan.

Finely slice the garlic and add to the hot oil, along with the mustard seeds, curry powder and tumeric.

Fry for three minutes or so, then add the asparagus spears, cut into 2cm or so lengths, and fry briskly for another 5 minutes.

Once the asparagus is on the verge of being cooked, add the rice and smoked tofu to the mix and fry until heated through.

Just before serving, add the celery salt and the juice from the lime wedge.

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  1. this sounds great! is there a way to smoke tofu yourself? i can't find any in our grocery store.

  2. Good question - alas, I don't know. If you do find out how to do it, I'd love to know.


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