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How to make sweetcorn fritters in your sandwich toaster - recipe

In less than two weeks, I'll be a free woman. The exams will be over, I'll be released from my first year of university, and I'll have found a way to put gin into my system intravenously. Until that point, it's head down, nose in the books, sweating and trying to work out a way to memorise the entire human body in one week.

Eating, as you'll imagine, has come waaaaay down my list of priorities, and meals have been reduced to 'what's the quickest thing I can put in my face with the ingredients I have?' If there's not much in the way of washing up, so much the better. 

This recipe seems a particularly studenty one too. As well as using store cupboard type ingredients, it involves a sandwich toaster - known colloquially as a Breville in some parts. When I was first a student and fresh away from home, I used my Breville to make cheese and ham sandwiches for a disturbing amount of meals. 

While my diet may have changed a great deal since then, my love of putting the sandwich toaster to great use whenever I can remains constant. It's the longest relationship I've ever managed, I think - oh Breville, you never let me down, and you take me for dinner whenever I want.

Sandwich toaster sweetcorn fritters with guacamole
Ingredients - fritters
50g self-raising flour
25g polenta
50g drained canned/frozen sweetcorn
80mls of non-dairy milk
Half a tomato, cut into small chunks
Large pinch salt
Large squeeze of sriracha

Ingredients - guacamole
Half an avocado
Small garlic clove, chopped
Juice from a slice of lime
Pinch or two of cumin seeds
Splash of vegan worcestershire sauce
Half a tomato, cut into small chunks

How you do it
Mix together all the ingredients for the fritters together and leave to stand. The longer you can do that for the better. An hour at least would be good.
Find a pestle and mortar, and mush together the garlic, lime, cumin seeds, and worcestershire sauce until it's a liquid. Add the avocado in and mush it til you have a lumpy guac. Stir in the tomatoes, and set aside.
Brush your sandwich toaster lightly with oil, then switch it on. Once it's got warmed up, pour in the sweetcorn batter into the four sandwich toaster divots, close the lid and leave for five minutes. 
Serve your fritters with your guac!

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  1. Yum! Those sound delicious!

    Let's hold hands as we make it to the end of the semester! We've got this!

  2. Two weeks can be very long or very short, depending on what's happening — long if you really want them to be over, short if you have too much to do. In your case maybe both. Good thing you've got the sandwich toaster to see you through! Good luck with the exams and yay for getting through the first year.

  3. That's an awesome looking sandwich to keep up your strength and fuel your brain. :-) Good luck on your exams!

  4. wow you make me wish I had a breville - I love them but it is one of those gadgets I can't justify extra space for (but I particularly love baked beans sandwiches toasted in a breville) - good luck with getting through the last two weeks

  5. I so want a sandwich toaster now - I had forgotten how much I liked toasted sandwiches until I saw your perfectly crimped sandwich edges :-) Good luck for the exams!

  6. Woah, I am wishing so much that I still had a breville after seeing this. What an excellent idea. Good luck with the exams!

  7. Congrats on (nearly) finishing your first year!! You made it! :) And still managed to eat really delicious-looking stuff. :D

  8. Sandwich.......toaster?? I'm gonna need one of these.

    And yay for school almost being over! Congrats!

  9. Indeed this is student food and I yearn for it now and again, I had a toastie when i was at Uni and then my sister in law gave me one for our engagement pressie, not sure what happened to it - but I want to try your recipe NOW. Best wishes with your Uni studies and enjoy the break - extra pressure on you to create some recipe NOW.

  10. These look and sound so good! I would never have thought of using a toastie machine - very inventive


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