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The Moveable Feast - a great vegan-friendly popup

If you been to The Moveable Feast yet, get yourself on the next Tube down to London Bridge and check it out.

The Moveable Feast is a popup place in the shadow of the Shard which plays host to three different veggie food sellers, as well as a coffee counter. I first visited when purveyors of amazing vegan burritos Club Mexicana moved in, and while I mourned the end of their three-month residency, I was pleased to see another vegan  business, Pomodoro e Basilico, taking up the space they vacated.

I went down last week to check out the new addition. There were two meal options: pasta and risotto. I'll be honest, my hopes weren't high. I'm not a huge pasta fan, and I think I've enjoyed eating risotto a grand total of once in my life. It's the inevitability of it - any corporate event I've attended has always come with a side of 'sorry, what's vegan?' and a hearty helping of dispiriting risotto.

Still, having hauled myself to London Bridge, I wasn't going to leave empty-handed, and availed myself of a portion of pumpkin ravioli and a pot of tiramisu.

This is what I got:

It may look like a small unassuming pot of pasta, but there's an incredible amount of tastiness in those ravioli. Forgive the hyperbole, but it may be some of the best pasta I've ever had. The filling was creamy, rich, and perfectly balanced between the pumpkin and sage. I've no idea what the butter-like sauce it was in was made of, but I finished off every drop.

And then there was a tiramisu:


For the two, there was a price tag of £10.50. Normally, that would be more than my meagre budget would stretch to for lunch, but it's an entirely reasonable sum given the quality of the veganity on offer. So enamoured was I of Pomodoro e Basilico, next time I might even try the risotto.

And if you're not in the mood for Italian, Horn OK Please are also on site with fantastic Indian street food, all of which is vegan or vegan option. I've previously enjoyed their dosas a lot, and look forward to doing just that again sometime very soon.

Aaaaand if you need another reason to visit The Moveable Feast, behold this unfeasible rich vegan chocolate cake:

It took me two goes - two very happy goes - to get through it, it was that rich, dense and fudgy. Fingers crossed it becomes a permanent fixture at The Moveable Feast - and The Moveable Feast becomes a permanent fixture in London Bridge.

The Moveable Feast 
21-27 St Thomas Street

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  1. UH that tiramisu looks incredible!! It's probably my favorite dessert, along with cheesecake. The raviloi looks amazing as well. Pumpkin is such a perfect flavor with them.

  2. I will definitely have to try this out. The chocolate cake alone convinces me :P

  3. Guess I'll just book a ticket to London and check it out! All of The Moveable Feast looks fantastic!

  4. mmm that pasta and cake look great - I have a feeling I might have wolfed down the cake first shot - and I love the name The Moveable Feast - surprised more food trucks don't take up that name

  5. Ooh we are going to London in 2 weeks and it's in Matt's old neighbourhood. I'm off to check out the website!


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