Happy Hallowe'en pizza

First up, happy Hallowe'en! Second up, can you guess what these spooky things are? Yep, t...

borough market

Lunches in and out - Itsu, Leon, Gujarati Rasoi

Lunch for me is normally leftovers - cheap, cheerful, and usually better than the vegan options I ca...

jerusalem artichokes

Squaring up to autumn with soda bread and a scary pumpkin

I guess autumn has properly arrived over here. The long days where the sun would slant lazily over t...


I hope you like jamming too

I have a confession to make, and I have a terrible fear you're going to think less of me becau...


A food holiday in Cuba

So, I've been set free from exam hell. I'm free to run into my kitchen and go mad, get out t...

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