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A couple of Camden treats

I've been meaning to post these pics since Christmas, after a surprise afternoon off and a few hours to kill led me to north London.

It's not often I have free time that isn't accounted for by work, studying, or all the other stuff, fun and otherwise, I have going on right now. When you get gifted a couple of spare hours, what do you do with it?

I set off for Camden, telling myself I was off for some Christmas shopping, but knowing full well I needed to check out a couple of new vegan places up there.

The first place was Rupert's Street. It's not actually a place at all, as it's a truck, but you can find it lodged in Camden Market every Monday to Friday – you can't miss it, it's bright yellow and parked by Camden Lock!

I don't think I caught the truck on the best day – there were problems with the oven in the truck, but the owner was nonetheless managing to turn out a variety of dishes including this burger:

And, it being Christmas, a load of mince pies. They were still cooking when I grabbed my burger, and when I returned later to pick some up, they'd all sold out. Good news for Rupert's Street, bad news for me!

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  1. That tiramisu looks incredible! And I can certainly get behind your motto. No vegan cake left behind!

  2. Who can blame you for seeking out out delicious vegan food on a day off? And, in my opinion, it's probably best to order your own share of cake. :)

  3. you are a wise woman to go to a place called vegan cakes and treats in search of cakes - I would be waylaid by savoury and then wish for room for cake - and I love the look of your burger - shame about the mince tarts

  4. Wowza, you always find awesome places to eat! Who would have thought a truck could put out a burger like that? And that tiramiisu? Beautiful. I've tried my hand at tiramisu, but I don't think mine looked like that. Back in the kitchen for me.

  5. So many LOLs in this post! I "struggle" through volumes of food on the regular! I can't believe there are these two places so close to Camden Lock. Not that I'm complaining; with all I ate at Cookies and Scream when I was there last year, my stomach needed a few hours' rest.

  6. A couple of yummy looking finds! Why can't my day off be like that? And yes, it's always a yes, on no vegan cake left behind. :-)

  7. That tiramisu is crazy! I never ever leave dessert on my plate, but that looks huge! I would very much be up to the challenge.

  8. Killer tiramisu! That looks like my kind of "portion control," alright... If it's cut into one portion, no matter the size, of course it's okay if I eat the whole thing. ;)

  9. Wow, that tiramisu looks incredible! Vegan tiramisu isn't something that I see everyday. I'd love to try a slice!

  10. You just reminded me…. I have so many food pictures to post since the holidays and it is so hard to get them all up! Holidays can get hectic! Ah gawd, that tiramisu looks heavenly delicious! I want this! I want to go to Vegan Cakes & Treats!

  11. Yes definitely Camden is always the answer (so long as it's not Camden New Jersey). Looks delicious!

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  13. I don't think I've even heard of Rupert's Street! is it new? I thought I knew all the places in Camden! I wonder how I missed hearing about it!


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