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Back to Brighton's Terre a Terre

I like lots of things about Terre a Terre. Among them is (you guessed this one, right?) the food - it's fun, it's interesting, and it's like no other veggie restaurant I can think of. Their cookbook is one of my favourites. I love that it's another reason to head down to Brighton. And now I love that their tapas and wine deal.

It's not the cheapest veggie place I can think of (in fact, it's one of the most expensive, along with Manna in London), so whenever there's a chance to get stuck in for less, I've got to sign up.

During our recent visit, Mr Flicking the Vs pointed out you get a big bowl of chips, a carafe of wine and a plate of tapas for a shade under £40 for two. Terre a Terre's prices can be a bit steep, but that sounded like a deal that couldn't be turned down.

I fear chardonnay (tastes like butter to me. Just me, or you get that too?) but the unoaked chardonnay that came with the tapas wasn't greasy. The chips were decent if a little less than piping hot when they turned up and the non-vegan mayonnaise replaced, rather bemusingly, with guac rather than tomato ketchup.

The tapas was the main event. Ten little morsels of five little dishes, and each one a great heap of fun.

Aubergine zhuganosh with spice lavash tanoor flatbread, cauliflower and ginger bhaji with tamarind relish and coconut shavings, deep fried corn cakes with chilli jelly and guacamole, warm mushroom mousse, and something with a lotus root crisp on top, which I have now alas forgotten. There were a few other bit and piece in there, like smoked tofu and nicely dressed leaves.

They were all little stunners, and even mushroom-phobe Mr Flicking the Vs had to admit that the mousse was a star turn. The only vague disappointment was the chips, being a bit flabby and a little chillier than they need to be. Still, the chips had brought more interesting friends along, so we couldn't really complain too much.

And, for all the tiny plates, we were pretty full after working our way through the whole lot.

But do you think I let a little thing like stomach capacity get in the way of a good dessert? Of course not - limits are there to be done away with, good-sense boundaries to be smashed. I like to think of myself as the Usain Bolt of pudding consumption. A slow, sleepy, sugar-high Usain Bolt.

So, we pressed on, and ordered the churros. I love churros. There was no doubt about what I wanted for dessert, but when it came to the fiendishly tough question of which of the three sauces - chocolate, cherry or salt caramel - to choose from.

I asked the waiter and he was so adamant it should be caramel, I couldn't really say no.

Turns out the waiter knew his sauce. The salt caramel was amazing - thick, rich and gorgeous, although the salt wasn't overly apparent. Still, it was a heavenly pudding, and a pretty fabulous way to end a pretty fabulous meal.

Terre a Terre
71 East St
East Sussex
01273 729051

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  1. What a fabulous-looking dinner. It's so much more fun to get lots of small tastes than to eat the same dish for the whole meal. Deep fried corn cakes and mushroom mousse? Yum.

  2. Wow! The tapas and the churros both look divine! I'm usually not a chardonnay drinker myself, but I have tasted ones that are "buttery" - something about the aging process does that, depending on the barrel (stainless steel or oak - can't remember which).

  3. Wow, some incredible stuff! High class vegan dining is not something I've experienced much of, unfortunately. The churros sound amazing! I wanted to make those out of Viva Vegan but wasn't about to pull out a fryer. Let someone else do the work, I say.
    As for Chardonnay, glad you enjoyed it. I'm never really aware of what wine I grab off the shelf...
    I think Usain Bolt would be proud to be associated with you.

  4. Oh my, that meal looks amazing! I love having a little bit of everything. There's always room for dessert. :-)

  5. Oh, this looks like so much fun! I love trying lots of tastes of various dishes. I haven't made it to Brighton yet, but it's certainly on my list of future cities I want to visit. I've been to Manna a couple of times, and if Terre a Terre is in the same realm, I'm all in!

  6. Oooh, I don't know if I could do fries without ketchup (though I also heart guac). All of those appies sound hella fancy, and the churro looks amazing - something I've never had, they're just like donuts? And you can't go wrong with a good caramel!

  7. I dream of visiting to try those churros. The tapas looks great too.

  8. Wowza, what an awesome meal! I'd have eaten every bite of it, too, even the lukewarm chips.

  9. It all sounds so good and now I'm interested to try guac with chips! The tapas plate looks so impressive, especially that crispy lotus root.

  10. I love Terre a Terre! Last time I was in Brighton I went in there just for the churros (I love them so much!) but they were full and turned me away. :( I was gutted. I've only ever had the vodka soaked cherries (which are amazing), the salt caramel is a newer addition to the menu and I can't wait to try it when I'm back in Brighton in a few weeks. Looks amazing!

  11. Churros? Si, por favor! Brighton seems like such a cool city.

  12. Buttery chardonay? I always find that chardonay tastes like trees. Glad the unoaked one worked for you, sounds like something I would like too.
    Oooo, I love tappas! The fries look really good, even if they were a little cold. Guac seems like an odd choice but hey, if it tastes good, it tastes good. I've always wanted to try churros, they look like sugery, fluffy, deep-fried donut sticks, and really, what's not to like about that!

  13. We absolutely loved this place!
    We had the tapas platter as a starter. It was amazing.


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