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Artisan Vegan Cheese part two - pub cheddar and peppercorn chèvre

I had a first go at making cheeses from Artisan Vegan Cheese recently, and so impressed was I (not to mention so replete with rejuvelac in need of using up) I thought I'd give it another go.

One recipe that had been whispering my name since I got the book was pub cheddar. Cheddar was pretty much the king of cheese for me in the pregan days, and adding the prefix 'pub' was only going to make it better. What makes it 'pub' cheddar, I hear you ask? Because it has beer in it. Oh yes.

You already know this is going to turn out well, don't you? The beer for this experiment was Black Sheep Ale, and there was pretty much a whole bottle left over once I'd contributed enough for a half-recipe of the cheese - what better to help me relax after a very stressful cheese making session.

Alright, it wasn't that stressful at all. With the rejuvelac already made, it was just a case of blending up some cashews and other bits and pieces - nooch, beer, chives, that sort of stuff - and leaving it all to culture.

It wasn't a very firm cheese, but it was hugely tasty. It didn't bear a huge resemblance to cheddar though, but it had the smooth spreading consistency and sharp tanginess that made it more than satisfying.

The other cheese was the pink peppercorn and lemon chevre. It was no pub cheddar, but it had such an interesting flavour - pink peppercorns are now on my 'use more often' pile - that I was blow away. It's a nice, smooth spreadable cheese - just the sort of thing that will get you over that bored-of-bagles hump.

Two definite winners, and both convinced me that I'll be digging out Artisan Vegan Cheese once again. Now I've mastered the art of rejuvelac, as well as the art of eating my own body weight in cheese, there's no stopping me.

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  1. I've been so curious about that pub cheddar! Beer & cashew cheese sound like a great match. I don't have any rejuvelac on hand anymore, but all the more reason to make another batch.

  2. Wow! Both of these sound really tasty. I can just imagine all of the delicious items one could enjoy with both of these creations! You definitely have vegan cheese making talent. :)

  3. Wow, how fun! I'd love to try new cheese recipes.

  4. Here I was overlooking the pub cheddar without even realizing there was beer in it! That one's gonna get bumped to the top of the list. I've made the regular chevre and have been eating it for the past month, it's become one of my favs, the boursin is pretty awesome too.

  5. This is just the inspiration I need to start making rejuvelac and get stuck into the AVC recipes! The pub cheddar sound like a great first recipe to cut my teeth on. I love cooking with beer as it means one for the recipe and one for me!

  6. We have beer in the house — all I need is some rejuvelac and I'm good to go. I haven't tried either of those cheeses and it's about time to make more cheese!

  7. I so want to try more recipes in the book. But I need to make rejuvelac again and it's tripping me up. I think we can't be literal when it comes to this book--all cheeses are a bit off. But on their own, as their own entities, they are fab.

  8. Aw damn, I justed used up a USA-specific gift card on cookbooks at Amazon. I looked at Artisan Vegan Cheese but decided on something else. Now I regret it!

    Did the pub cheddar have miso in it? When I've made Ultimate Uncheese recipes, the ones with miso taste SO MUCH MORE CHEDDARY than any others, so maybe that's the key?

  9. I have to get a hand on the book! I think i dont really miss cheese but a good spreadable one for crackers is a must


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