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Aloo gobi: my favourite curry?

Aloo gobi is one of my favourite curries. If it's on the menu at a restaurant, it's on my plate as soon as humanly possible. I normally pick it straight up, maybe after a bit of a deathmatch between channa masala in the mixed martial ring of my dinner choices.

I've had a recipe from The Times for aloo gobi since forever and, with a stinking cold that only a curry can chase away, I dug it out this week and decided to get cooking.

Aloo gobi is a type of curry made with cauliflower and potatoes. I decided to chuck in some spinach for good measure (which would technically make it gobi aloo saag, but I won't tell if you don't).

The Times' recipe (all Times content is behind a paywall so I can't give you a link to find it) was a pretty simple one: the eponymous spinach and cauliflower, along with some ginger, spices, a chopped tomato and a bit of water.

Maybe because I'm so used to the divine wonders of Indian restaurant and takeaway aloo gobi, this version was a bit of a letdown - the curry was a bit wet, rather than the thick stew-y glory that I'm used to, and the flavour was a bit two-dimensional. (Although in the recipe's defence, I have a stinking cold, so I don't have the full range of tastes available to me at the moment).

Still, at least it was one more recipe I've cooked from my stash (in keeping with my New Year's resolution to cook all the long-ignored recipes haunting my kitchen), and while it's not one I'll be cooking again, I can never complain about sticking cauliflower and spinach down my neck.

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  1. Indian food is the best for working its magic on a cold! All of the heat, ginger, and spices seem to knock it right out of me. I hope it works for you too! Have you tried the recipes over at Manjula's Kitchen? She has videos to go with many of her recipes, and I've had a lot of luck with them. They're not all vegan, but a lot of them are vegan.

  2. Yup. Aloo Gobi is what I always order in Indian restaurants — even when I "try" hard to order something different. It's my favorite. I agree with Cadry that Manjula's Kitchen is a good place to look for recipes. Don't be afraid to tinker with a recipe if it doesn't taste like you want — tastes and ingredients differ from one kitchen to another, and only you can make things taste the way you want!

  3. I love Indian food. What a fantastic New Year's resolution. I keep looking at the pile of recipes I've saved and just add more to the pile. I think I've going to have to follow your lead and try to make some of these. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. I like Indian food too, but I never really cook it. It always just tastes better when other people make it. But anyway, this is definitely one of my favorite dishes too. I used to love saag paneer tooooo. Yum.

  5. Oooh, I love Aloo Gobi! I found a homemade yellow curry recipe that's pretty straight forward but still uses a healthy amount of vegan butter. I need to work out the kinks, but last week I enjoyed the sauce on top of broccoli and cauliflower - so good!

  6. I love aloo gobi, I ate loads of it growing up. My mom's sister's friend from India taught her to make it so she knew how to make a really authentic version and it was delicious! Funny, I tend to always order channa masala in restaurants, with aloo gobi as my fallback option. :)

  7. Aloo Gobi is one of my favorite dishes to order at Indian restaurants, you'd think something so simple I would have tried making at home by now but nope. I tend to go the bastardized channa masala route, I think this needs to be rectified post haste.


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