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Ruby Tuesdays vegan bakery, Greenwich Market review


My attempt to bring you a picture of the lovely Ruby Tuesdays vegan bakery stall at Greenwich Market didn't meet with much success.

The lady staffing the stall told me firmly and in a tone that brooked no discussion that there would be no photographing of the gorgeous array of cupcakes, gateaux, brownies and other baked treats that day.

I wasn't going to let that reception put me off buying something though, and picked up a brownie and a slice of strawberry-and-chocolate cake.

While it was being boxed up, I got chatting to the lady in question, who it turns out is the thoroughly charming mother of the Ruby Tuesday who bakes the cakes. It also turns out the reason she tells people not to take pictures is at the behest of her daughter, to stop her designs being stolen.

Seems fair enough to me, but it does alas mean that you can't see Ruby's excellent handiwork.

I'm pretty sure this wee snap of the chocolate and hazelnut brownie I took home is pretty acceptable - it's just a lovely cake in a cardboard box, after all.

But what a cake in a cardboard box it was - fudgy and dense and not too sweet, just what your cup of tea has been crying out for.

Ruby Tuesdays does a number of gluten-free and sugar-free cakes. This may well have been one of them, but I couldn't tell you for sure -- which is a tribute to the quality of the baking.

I won't include a snap of the strawberry and chocolate gateau (although if you head over to the Ruby Tuesday website you can get a fair idea yourself) but trust me, it was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

It was lovely and light, and perfectly-acquainted with buttercream and strawberry jam. Just great.

If you're after a good vegan cake, a bit of allergen-free bakery, get yourself down to Ruby Tuesdays. Just don't take your camera with you.

Ruby Tuesdays
Greenwich Market

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