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VeganMoFo: The sweet treats of San Francisco

This post is part of the Vegan Month of Food - or VeganMoFo to you and me. To learn more about VeganMoFo, click here.

I've mentioned it before and damn it, I'll mention it again - I've just spent the last couple of weeks eating my way around San Francisco.

I've never been confronted with such an array of vegan sweet treats in such a short amount of time. Here are the highlights from my San Franciscan festival of gorging.

Japanese Tea Garden

A lovely spot to stop for a cup of Japanese tea and a vegan dessert.

I went for the Dango, a skewer of mochi-like rice balls with a sweet soy sauce with some genmaicha tea.

The soy sauce as sweet treat won't be to everyone's taste, but it's definitely worth a go if only to sit down for a while in the beautiful surroundings.

Pepples Donuts

Oh Pepples, how I grew to love you in San Francisco, and made several stops at your Ferry Building location to feast on the crazy array of flavours.

Salted caramel, I love you. Coffee, I'm just flirting with salted caramel, you're my one true love.

Two of these kept me going for most of a day. And at $3 a pop for such staying power, you can't go wrong. Just don't forget the coffee.

Cafe Nook

 I found this place by accident when wandering around with a couple of work colleagues.

We'd been on something of a march to walk off a gut-bustingly large breakfast. Then we realised we needed a beer to recover from the leg-bustingly long walk. We stopped at Cafe Nook.

Not only did they have a few good beers, they had a few awesome vegan cakes. Including this one, which even my omni colleagues couldn't keep their hands off. Cafe Nook, we salute you.

 More Japanese sweet treats, this time at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco: more genmaicha tea and a mochi for good measure. Sure, it's not the best mochi in the world, but a winner for when studying centuries of art has left you in need of a sugar fix. The cafe also had, as far as I could tell, a good few vegan dishes for lunch too. Go museum!

A vendor of vegan baked goods you can pick up in whole foods markets (and at the Warming Hut near the Golden Gate bridge) rather than a destination in itself, the ABC is worth mentioning as it supplied me with one of the best biscuits I'd had in a while, in the form of its lovely Pumpkin Spice cookie. The spice mix was anything but run of the mill and generously sized (ie enough for a greedy vegan), I'm still hankering after another of them now.

Sure, it's not somewhere to put your feet up with the Sunday paper and a cuppa, but there's no shortage of veagn goodies at Trader Joe's. I tried about four different types of biscuit, and only wish I could have tried more. The vegan chocolate chip cookies kicked ass royally.

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