Hallowe'en hangover pumpkin seeds

It's the day after Hallowe'en. There's smashed pumpkin pieces all over the streets of South London and all the pubs around here have cobwebs in their corners leftover from the celebrations of the night before.

After visiting a veggie friend yesterday and carving a pumpkin for her two-year old daughter - clearly far more entertaining for me and the friend, and bit bemusing for her - we were left with a vat of pumpkin seeds.

Friend suggested binning them.

Oh no.

Here's what you do with them instead:

Hallowe'en hangover pumpkin seeds


Seeds from one pumpkin, hulls left on
One teaspoon of olive oil
One teaspoon of agave nectar
The juice from one sixth of a lemon
Half teaspoon of fennel seeds
Half teaspoon of celery salt
Leaves from one big sprig of rosemary
Black pepper

How you do it

Wash and dry the pumpkin seeds so there's no stray pumpkin flesh clinging to them. Your pumpkin may be bigger than mine, so scale everything up accordingly if there's not enough to coat your seeds properly.

Stir the oil, agave and lemon juice into the pumpkin seeds.

All the rest of the ingredients and stir.

Put the coated seeds on a baking tray and cook in a hot oven - 200C - until brown and crispy.

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  1. Hi there, I'm a vegetarian. Just started following you on twitter (twitter.com/bbbananabox). Another really simple way to use leftover pumpikin seeds is just to roast them in the oven. Put a little salt on them whilst in there... So tasty.


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