Cream of celeriac soup

Hey - good to see you. You're looking good - did you do something new to your hair? You washed it, huh? Well, it suits you.

You've stumbled onto my blog, Flicking the Vs - a celebration of my two true loves: vegan food and pointlessly childish swears.

I'm going to kick off the blog with a soup that I made earlier this week with a lump of celeriac that had been eyeballing me from the fridge for a while and mutely but friskily demanding to be used.

"I'm on the verge of going off," it whispered. "If you have to throw me away, you'll have wasted 70p, and I know you hate that, you cheap little bastard."

So use it I did. And it went a little something like this.

Cream of celeriac soup


Four cloves of garlic
Three large shallots
Two ribs of celery
Olive oil
250 or so grams of peeled celeriac
Two bay leaves
Bouquet garni
Soy cream
A few springs of chervil
Salt and pepper to taste

How you do it

Finely slice the garlic and shallots and chop the celery. Sweat them all in the olive oil until they give up the fight and begin to go translucent and maybe a little brown at the edges.

Chop the celeriac into dice and chuck it into the pan with the onions and friends. Add in the bay leaves and bouquet garni, and pour in stock so that it doesn't quite cover the vegetables and everything looks a bit crowded.

Let that simmer til the celeriac has gone soft. Take it off the heat, fish out the bouquet garni and bay leaves and blend the whole damn lot til smooth.

Nearly there.

Chop up a few sprigs of chervil, add some salt and pepper to taste.

Then, the piece de resistance - add in some soy cream. I'd say a good couple of dessert spoons per bowl.

You're done - serve with a big hunk of bred and a good documentary.

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