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Cornish pasties - great for the drunk

Granted, it's not the best picture in the world and it's not one that does justice to the flaky, warm, oh-so-slightly greasy deliciousness that is a Cornish pasty.

Yes, the humble-yet-proud Cornish pasty is presented a little sparsely here - but hey, dressing up a Cornish pasty is a bit like trying to put make up on the Mona Lisa.

The recipe for these beauties is a bit of a work in progress, so if you've made your own, let me know how it went. I suspect thyme instead of sage mightn't be such a bad idea.

Cornish pasties

Packed of ready made frozen vegan puff pastry
40g or so of soya mince (dehydrated weight)
100 grams of swede
100 grams of potato
100 grams of carrot
Water/vegetable stock
a couple of shallots
A little olive oil
a dessertspoon or two of gravy granules
a teaspoon of brewers yeast
a teaspoon and a half of dried sage
a teaspoon and a half of dried rosemary
Soy milk or something similar

How you do it
Pour some water on the soya mince til it's covered and leave to hydrate undisturbed somewhere for a good while. Feel free to use the vegan mince of your choice if TVP's not your thing.

Get your frozen puff pastry out (Jus Rol is one vegan option) and allow it to defrost. That will take you a bit of time too, so make yourself a cup of tea and read a book or something while you wait.

Cut the potato, swede and carrot into small dice. Bring some water or stock to the boil, then add the vegetables. Cook for three minutes covered and drain.

Finely chop the shallots and fry in a little oil for three minutes or so, until they start to soften.

Mix up the hydrated mince, vegetables, and the rest of the ingredients (except the pastry obviously - that would be madness) together and stick in a bit of salt and pepper for good measure.

Unroll your pastry, and find yourself a saucer. Cut the pastry around the saucer so you've got a pastry circle. Add stick a spoon or two in the middle of the circle then bring two sides together, so you're looking at a semi-circular pasty shape.

Pinch along the join to give the typical pasty look (and make sure the whole thing doesn't burst apart like the fella in Aliens while it's cooking).

Brush them all over with soy milk or whatever vegan milk you have knocking about.

Put in the oven at around 200 degrees until the pastry is brown and you can smell the delicious pasty smell wafting out of your kitchen.

Serve just as friends or your significant other gets back from the pub for maximum appreciation.

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