A Christmas compote recipe for topping your yoghurt

When my folks come around later this week, we're going to have a traditional Christmas dinner - ...


Christmas countdown 2 - A recipe for vegan biscotti that taste like Ferrero Rocher

Remember yesterday I made a sandwich that had brussels sprouts and Tofurkey in? Dear reader, I think...

brussels sprouts

Christmas countdown - brussels sprouts in a sandwich seems like a good idea

How's your Christmas going? As you can tell from a distinct lack of posting recently, I haven...


Ethiopian, mystery sauces, and donuts: What's been keeping me alive recently

I should be all about the Christmas posts right now, and the things I'm making ahead for the fes...


The best vegan destination I never knew - and the Essential Vegan Travel Guide

Zagreb was a city I hadn't expected to love. When I got off at the city's main train stat...

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